MC Cheatsheet: The New Tanning Bed Tax & How to Hold Your iPhone

J. Storey

Jihan: "The tan tax goes into effect today — expect to pay 10 percent more to use ultraviolet tanning beds. But the real question: Will the 'T' stay in Jersey Shore's 'GTL' routine?" Wall Street Journal

Kate: "Thanks, Apple, for letting us know we're holding your new iPhone wrong. Didn't realize we hadn't picked up that skill since telephones were invented a hundred years ago." CNN

Sophia: "I just started making ice cream at home — and I LOVE IT! This list of bizarre flavor ideas makes me want to sprint home and start freezing. Although I'll take strawberry basil over, um, brown bread?" Shine

Katie: "Bedbugs infest an NYC Hollister store. Hey, at least the employees don't wear many clothes." Racked

Lauren: "Love this slideshow of phone sex operators. Fascinating!" Mother Jones

Anna: "Yet another reason I'm ashamed to still have a Missouri driver's license: A Sedalia, MO, man accidentally shot and killed his wife while trying to install a TV with a gun." BuzzFeed

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