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From Masks to Magnesium, 10 Celebrities' Travel Beauty Secrets

So you can roll up looking like Bella, not the crypt keeper.

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Kim Kardashian

She's one of those people who travels with her own pillow—but make that a *silk* pillow. In a story on her website, K-Squared revealed that she brings a SHHH Silk marble-print cushion to reduce friction on her hair and skin.

SHHH Silk, $149


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Victoria Beckham

From the dermatologist who cured all her skin ails (all 0.000003 of them) with daily servings of salmon comes a kit of his greatest hits in miniature.

Dr. Lancer, $135


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Paris Hilton

You'd think Ms. Hilton would maybe like fresh-cut cucumbers to lay over her tired-from-DJing-until-dawn eyes, but ew, do you even know where those vegetables have been? Instead, she sticks on undereye patches while "doing my make-up and putting on my lashes." (They're neat little half-moons infused with caffeine and collagen for de-puffing and smoothing.)

Patchology, $15


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Kate Winslet

"A good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy, and stressed—that's when the dark puffy circles can get you," Winslet once told InStyle U.K.. Nothing truer.

Avène, $49


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Jennifer Lopez

Sure, she might have some type of soul-exchange deal going (or just tremendous genes), but J.Lo works for that skin too. Her makeup artist recommends applying a mask after you've removed your makeup, a tip that turned Chrissy Teigen onto the same trick.

SK-II, $17


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Gigi Hadid

Another one for skincare first, the model packs cleansing wipes, "just because, when you are at the airport, it’s not fun to wash in the bathroom." Or do anything in an airport bathroom, come to think of it. Her favorite Maybelline towelettes have been discontinued, but these should do the trick.

MAC, $12


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Gwyneth Paltrow

Insert the tab and pull to tighten, because this one's a doozy. In a Goop post, she picked active silver (sprayed in her vicinity to "keep germs at bay") and magnesium drink powder as travel must-haves, because "they say magnesium calms the nervous system." To be fair, though, she did list a good face cream first.

Pure Essence Labs, $38


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Katy Perry

Weird that your roots can still get greasy when the ends crisp up in that dry recycled air, eh? To guard against the aforementioned phenomenon, Perry brings a travel-size can of texturizing spray for a just-washed feeling. Best make sure it goes in your one Ziploc baggie, or else they'll rifle through your luggage, making everybody else in your party want to hurt you.

Oribe, $22


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Emma Stone

Like the rest of us dry-skinned folk, Stone relies on oil as a final layer to seal in moisture. She once called the argan variety, introduced to her by makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, a "game-changer."

Josie Maran, $16


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Cate Blanchett

Ah, to be able to spray $61-per-ounce essence like it's rosewater. As brand ambassador for SK-II, Blanchett said she will decant the brand's hyper-concentrated formula into an bottle and "spritz it on throughout the flight." Too chic.

SK-II, $305


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