What I Love About Me: Charleston

From glossy hair to gorgeous eyes, these Charleston, South Carolina, charmers showcase their most covetable traits.
"Mark Lim"
From glossy hair to gorgeous eyes, these Charleston, South Carolina, charmers showcase their most covetable traits.
"Mark Lim"
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Erica Jackson Curran, 28
"Wearing a bold shade on my voluptuous lips is a simple trick that makes a major statement."
"Mark Lim"
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Kristy Liu, 23
"Even though it's hard to tame, my shiny, voluminous hair sets me apart."
"Mark Lim"
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Stephanie Walsh, 21
"I wear high-waisted skirts to accentuate my delicate curves. An hourglass silhouette never goes out of style."
"Mark Lim"
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Amy Walter, 26
"My slate-blue eyes morph from light to dark like a mood ring."
"Mark Lim"
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Shadiquah L. Grant, 18
"I view my hair as a blank canvas for expressing my style. Worn short, long, braided, or straight, it always makes a lasting impression."
"Mark Lim"
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Olivia Lisa King, 18
"I work hard for my radiant complexion. It makes me feel more self-assured."
"Mark Lim"
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Sarah Frierson, 27
"My chiseled jawline and cropped 'do add to my edgy look."
"Mark Lim"
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Nicole Schön, 23
"Like Cindy Crawford's, the beauty mark above my lip gives off serious sex appeal."
"Mark Lim"
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Bergen Specia, 19
"My platinum pixie cut makes me stand out in a crowd. It shows that I'm confident enough to try anything."
"Mark Lim"
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Lindsay Fleege, 31
"My prominent dimples are the first and last thing people see."
"Mark Lim"
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Rebecca Unrue, 25
"Defining my high cheekbones with a bit of blush changes the shape of my face entirely."
"Mark Lim"
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Anna Gruenloh, 31
"I love how my mahogany hair and eyebrows make me look exotic."
"Mark Lim"
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Harper Poe, 34
"My muscular legs remind me of how strong and capable I am." Want to travel like a local? Here, the inside scoop on where to stay, where to shop, and what to do in Charleston from our first-ever "What I Love About Me" guest editor, Harper Poe. HOTEL HEAVEN: Nestled in the Historic District, Wentworth Mansion (wentworthmansion.com) takes old-world charm to a whole new level. TOP SHOP: Worthwhile (shopworthwhile.com)—the arbiter of niche staples from Isabel Marant, A Détacher, and Gary Graham—is a hidden gem. LOCAL EATS: The Gin Joint's (theginjoint.com) Traveller's Tonic cocktail and fried chicken and waffles combo never disappoint! MUST-SEE: From May 24 to June 9, watch more than 150 music, theater, and dance performances— like Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía from Spain—at the internationally renowned Spoleto Festival (spoletousa.org).
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