The Best Beauty Looks of the 2018 VMAs

I seriously can't stop staring.

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Please stop whatever you planned on doing tonight (Instagram stalking can wait, okay?), because the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards are officially here, and the red fuchsia-carpet beauty looks are already crazy unique, intensely pretty, and, uh, downright bizarre. But who am I to judge?! I'm just a lowly viewer, fangirling over the hair and makeup styles of the rich and the famous.

Already, we've seen Cardi B with a fresh hairstyle (cropped pixie, anyone?) and Shay Mitchell with the most intense eyebrows and wet-look hair. And, considering the awards show is about three-million hours long, you can rest assured there's definitely more where that comes from. Check out the rest of the screenshot-worthy beauty looks, ahead.

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Nicki Minaj's Ultra-Long Pigtails and Burgundy Eyeshadow
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Olivia Munn's Peachy Cheeks and Rose Lipstick
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Anna Kendrick's Subtle Smoky Eyes and Middle-Part
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Iggy Azalea's '90s-Level Hair Wisps and Glossy Lips
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Jennifer Lopez's Buttery-Smooth Waves and Long Lashes
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Kylie Jenner's Slicked-Back Chignon and Carved Brows
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Ariana Grande's Glossy, Butt-Length Hair and Her Pete Davidson
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Millie Bobby Brown's White Eyeliner and Side-Swept Waves
Hair, Clothing, Dress, Hairstyle, Strapless dress, Shoulder, Cocktail dress, Electric blue, Long hair, Cobalt blue,
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Camila Cabello's Romantic Half-Updo and Matte Red Lip
Hair, Face, Hairstyle, Eyebrow, Beauty, Eyelash, Lip, Forehead, Fashion, Black hair,
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Rita Ora's Wet-Look Waves, Thick Lashes, and Graphic Liner
Hair, Blond, Hairstyle, Face, Hair coloring, Eyebrow, Layered hair, Chin, Lip, Bob cut,
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Bebe Rexha's Ultra-Thick and Glittery Black Liner
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Cardi B's Textured Pixie Cut and Bejeweled Nails
Hair, Clothing, Eyebrow, Hairstyle, Black hair, Beauty, Lip, Long hair, Neck, Eyelash,
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Dascha Polanco's Futuristic Metallic Eyeshadow
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Shay Mitchell's Bronzed Contour and Hella Bold Brows
Hair, Clothing, Hairstyle, Beauty, Eyebrow, Lip, Black hair, Long hair, Cheek, Fashion,
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Winnie Harlow's Intensely Sleek, Shiny, Waist-Length Hair
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