The 32 Best Summer Perfumes to Spritz Anytime and Anywhere

Scents to bask in.

selection of summer fragrances
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

Ah summer: the official season of rosé, picnics in the park, and a few new summer fragrances. I can’t wait for the weather to heat up just enough for me to pull out one of my favorite warm-weather favorites. And yes, having a fragrance for every season is a necessity: after all, the  changing of the seasons calls for a change in our preferred fragrance blends. Our winter perfumes are usually all about cozy notes, while my personal favorite spring perfume always smells like either freshly-mowed grass or freshly-cut flowers. However, the best summer fragrances capture that feeling of a Capri vacation, or the breeze running through your hair. Think of these scents as warm weather in a bottle. 

There are tons of new fragrances that have launched in 2023, so finding your new favorite summery scent will be easier than you think, I promise. Many of the picks that I’ve included below come right from team Marie Claire’s personal collections, so they’ve been tried and tested by our team of editors on even the most sweltering of summer days. Some of these fragrances make you want to book a trip to somewhere even warmer, while others will bring back memories of eating juicy summer peaches and oranges—but with an adult-feeling twist, of course. 

Basically, there's no reason not to incorporate this invisible accessory into your routine, even if it's just worn in the comfort of your home. Look ahead to check out some of our favorite summer scents that are sure to transport you to Bali, the Bahamas, Italy, or wherever your next vacation lies.