Why "Detoxing" Your Body Doesn't Actually Work

Put down the juice and step away slowly.

Let me paint my least favorite scene for you: “Ugh, I ate too much junk this weekend—I need to detox,” says fictitious coworker #1, clinging to a carrot. “Yeah, I’m doing a juice cleanse to detox my skin,” says fictitious coworker #2, sipping a pitcher of fruit juice. “I hate all of this,” says real me, standing atop my soapbox. Because I do. I hate the word “detox.”

Detoxes have been "cool" for as long as being skinny has been "cool" (yay, society!). And though they started out as a niche trend reserved for coastal kids who hung out in juice shops, detoxes have now become a mainstream movement, led by wellness "influencers" and health-obsessed celebrities. The only problem? Detoxes aren't based in science.

And though I’m cool with you doing and eating whatever you want, I'm not cool with perpetuating incorrect information. Which is why I got a doctor to tell the world, once and for all, whether or not detoxing actually works.

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