Beauty Products to Toss, Try & Buy This Month

November's ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.
TOSS That polish-chipping bacteria haven you call a kitchen sponge.

TRY A dishwashing liquid with vitamin E, like Dawn Plus Hand Renewal. Think of it as a facial for your fingers.

BUY Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver Scrub Sponge ($2.29), with an ergonomic finger groove to protect your mani against peel-inducing soapy water.
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Toss, Try, Buy
TOSS Your antique mascaras. Can't remember when you got 'em? Trash 'em.

TRY New vibrating mascaras that work the brush for you; they fluff, separate, and lengthen, while you just stand there looking pretty.

BUY Lancome Oscillation Mascara ($34). Moving 7000 times per minute, this truly magic wand evenly deposits the lengthening formula from root to tip.
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Toss, Try, Buy
TOSS Industrial dandruff-fighting products with that manly-man scent.

TRY A tingly in-salon treatment that soothes dry, irritated scalps, like Redken Scalp Chemistry Dandruff Control Shot.

BUY Davines Awakening Oxygenating Scrub Shampoo ($22.80) or Kerastase Bain Gommage ($39, shown), two luxe approaches to deep cleaning and rebalancing your scalp to safeguard against flaking.
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TOSS Oil-stripping clarifying shampoos. Your hair is dry enough due to cold, windy weather.

TRY Washing hair every other day and switching to a hydrating shampoo. Look for rich, opaque formulas.

BUY TRESemme Curl Reactivation Styling Mist ($3.99) for the days you restyle instead of shampoo.
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