We're Kind of Obsessed with Olivia Munn's Messy Red-Carpet Ponytail

Why not wear it with couture?

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If you think hot-off-the-catwalk couture calls for a hairstyle that's equally as extravagant, think again.

Olivia Munn just proved that, believe it or not, your super-messy ponytail (you know the one...the Sunday morning barely-made-it-to-gym-class-in-time one?) is equally as fit for a fancy affair. See: her look, pictured here, from last night's star-studded People's Choice Awards. Oh and she's wearing couture.

So what separates her blithely chic 'do from day-to-day ponytails everywhere? Texture. Particularly that of the wavy, easy, beachy persuasion.

If you're bookmarking this for your next date night or nice dinner, upgrade your pony by lightly scrunching your strands while spraying them with Sea Spray Hair Mist ($12.95), which will give you wavy texture, build volume, and add shine.

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And if you're loving this better-with-bedhead look, you'll be just as keen on the lazy, undone braid we saw over the holidays on Cara Delevingne and Cameron Diaz...

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