Joan Smalls Is on a Smoky Eye Spree, and This Variation Is the Coolest Yet

Did we mention we've got step-by-step instructions?

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"Literally just two instances" has become the standard for declaring a trend, so IDK—can we even call Joan Smalls a trendsetter anymore? Movement-maker? KWEEEEEEN? <-- that's the one

At a Couture Week gala Monday, the Puerto Rican stunner continued her smoky-eye spree, which has included an ultra-winged out navy version (opens in new tab) and this smolder-y, professional-level DIY.

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But this most recent specimen, for reasons I'll explain after a moment of admiration has been observed, has to be our favorite.

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The elements here are exactly as we talked about before (opens in new tab), just a little more exaggerated because it's an evening party during the most fashion-y time of the year and she's a model and they can get away with orange eyeshadow (opens in new tab) but so can you. The smudgy black kohl on the waterline and the wash of gold up to the crease are the same, as are the brushed-up-but-not-too-filled-in brows and glossy nude lips—the only difference between how we do a reverse smoky eye and how Joan Smalls does a reverse smoky eye, then, is that she goes heavier with the black bit underneath the eye. And this is smart because you don't have to conceal as much.

(Although you might want to use that trick where you roll a piece of Scotch tape around your finger, tap it against your hand to remove some adhesive, then use it to pick up the powder that's fallen.)

Or this. This is good too.

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