Exclusive: Watch Tom Ford's Hot New Fragrance Ad


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Tom Ford likes his campaigns like he does his jet-set jaunts: glamorous and unapologetically sexy. So it came as no surprise that after viewing his new fragrance ad for the first time, we needed a minute... 

In 2007, Ford launched his unisex, Italian-Riviera-in-a-bottle Portofino fragrance and it swiftly became a best seller. Nearly a decade later, and just in time for spring, Ford is adding another scent to the collection: Neroli Portofino Acqua, which has a similarly sultry citrus-and-amber bouquet, but is a breezier dip in the pool.

Considering that balmy summer days along crystal blue waters are but a figment of our imaginations this winter, we're particularly thrilled to exclusively debut Ford's Portofino Acqua ad, which is essentially a 15-second vacation that'll inspire you to get moving on a hot and heavy summer romance.

Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Acqua is available for pre-order ($150-$205) on TomFord.com (opens in new tab) and launches next month.

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