A Lesson in Smizing with Tyra Banks

If smizing were easy, we'd all be America's Next Top Model. But it's not. So, we had the inventor of the smize, supermodel extraordinaire Tyra Banks, show us how to do it. Our very own Sergio Kletnoy took one for the team (and got in front of the camera for a change!) to show us just how it's done.

(P.S. We love how, when asked what makes him feel delicious, he culled Madonna without a moment's hesitation.)

Tyra also shared the details of her new, New York Times-bestselling novel, Modelland, about a girl — inspired by Tyra, of course — who gets whisked off to a school for supermodels with, well, super powers. It's like X-Men for girls!

For more on the book, as well as TypeF.com — her new website where you can enter your body specifications to get personalized information because, as she says, "women need to be spoken to for the beauty and uniqueness that they are" — watch the video below.

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