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The New "It" Beauty Ingredient Will Literally Spice Up Your Routine

And make your skin way glowier in the process.

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As Sriracha-toting, spicy food enthusiasts, the notion of injecting a little kick into our beauty regimens is totally enticing. Here, find five products that are worth their salt cayenne pepper when it comes to giving our hair and skin the works.

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Cabellina Chile Con Romero Shampoo and Conditioner

If you've got super-oily hair, this is the shampoo-conditioner duo you've been waiting for. Their key ingredients include chili and rosemary extracts, which are said to promote hair growth and treat the scalp. Plus, the formula is green and has a perfectly-peppered scent.

Cabellina Chile Con Romero Shampoo and Conditioner, $24.99 each; amazon.com.

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GreenSations ThermaSkin Hot Pepper Acne Face Wash

Don't be intimidated by its capsicum-infused formula, this cleanser, which is free of all-too-common harsh chemicals such as SLS (sodium laureth sulfate), might be just the spicy, all-in-one combination formula you didn't know you needed to clean, treat, and anti-age your sensitive skin.

ThermaSkin Hot Pepper Acne Face Wash, $44.97; amazon.com.

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Cayenne & Saw Palmetto Scalp Treatment

In pursuit of a long, lush mane, you're bound to hear cayenne tossed around as a key ingredient for boosting hair growth. This is thanks to two chemicals in the spice: capsaicin (stimulates hair follicles) and quercetin (increases blood flow to scalp, which is also beneficial). This treatment is *packed* with the spicy stuff.

Cayenne & Saw Palmetto Scalp Treatment, $55.50; amazon.com.

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Tiande Chili Pepper Anti-Cellulite Mask

Swimsuit season is upon us and this body mask, packed with cayenne pepper extract and hyaluronic acid, works to smooth skin, burn (don't take that too literally) fat, and target sagging by reducing volume and improving drainage of fluids and toxins.

Tiande Chili Pepper Model Masks (Pack of 10), $49.99; bonanza.com.

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Christopher's Cayenne Heat Massage Oil

When it comes to soothing muscle aches quickly, the market is saturated with heat relief options, but this cayenne-infused oil also cleanses the skin and equalizes blood flow with the spice's *natural* warmth.

Christopher's Cayenne Heat Massage Oil, $20.31; vitacost.com.

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