The Most Amazingly Reassuring Celebrity Zit-Cream Selfies

You guysss 🙏

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Showing off your dab of pimple cream is the latest Instagram beauty trend and we're not mad about it. After all, there's no time like the present—AKA holiday vacation lounge time—to throw vanity to the wind, post up with a spot-treatment-spangled face, and snap a selfie. All the cool kids are doing it! From the Queen of Zit Cream herself Miley Cyrus to Pretty Little Liar star Ashley Benson, these are our kind of gals.

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1 Ashley Benson
Art Partner

Much like her character Hannah on Pretty Little Liars, Benson keeps it real. So real in fact, she shared this snap of her zit-cream-dotted face complete with a kissy face.

2 Mindy Kaling

Another woman who's no shrinking violet when it comes to her imperfections, Kaling showed off her constellation of blemishes for all of Instagram to see.

3 Lorde

Remember: This is the Kiwi who called out a photo agency for editing out her acne, so you know she keeps it real. Here, Lorde captured her before-bed face with a zit-zapping agenda.

4 Brooklyn Decker

Yes, even supermodels get pimples. Since that can be hard for us mere mortals to wrap our brains around this fact, the Sports Illustrated cover girl is here to remind us via selfie that she needs salicylic acid as much as the next girl.

5 Miley Cyrus

The Queen of Zit Cream has posted nearly 30 spot treatment selfies and for that we'll always be thankful 🙏.

6 Tavi Gevinson

The Rookie founder/voice of a generation is yet another shining example of an inspiring, no-f—ks-given approach to dealing with acne.

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