The Best Beauty Looks from the 2017 VMAs

We seriously can't stop staring.

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The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards are underway tonight, and the red (or, okay, blue) carpet beauty looks this year are already killer: Demi Lovato arrived with a set of dark and smudgy smokey eyes, Lorde showed off a wavy topknot and soft fuchsia eyeshadow, and Jessica Sula wore her curls in a full, voluminous cloud. Check out the rest of the screenshot-worthy beauty looks, ahead.

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Christina Milian

Milian went for the just-napped-on-the-beaches-of-Ibiza look, with slick, wavy hair, and golden-bronzed skin. 

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Pink's loose, wavy mohawk is a thing of sculpturesque dreams.

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Kesha kept her waves side-swept and loose, and her makeup lowkey, with a dusting of bronzer and a few layers of mascara. 

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Hailey Baldwin

Baldwin's airbrushed-looking skin was left matte and contoured, with only a dab of highlighter on the tip of her nose.

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Hailee Steinfeld

Steinfeld's insanely perfect liquid-liner wing is so thick, we could ride it to the moon and back.

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Olivia Munn

With face-framing caramel highlights and semi-matte burgundy lips, Munn's entire look is giving us major autumn vibes.

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Nicki Minaj

Minaj offset her two-toned hair (yes, that's rose-gold on the right and platinum-blonde on the left) with a coat of lipgloss and a thick row of lashes. 

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Yara Shahidi

Part-finger waves and part-picked-out curls, Shahidi's slicked-back low ponytail is perfection. 

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Vanessa Hudgens

Yes, that is red, glitter-flecked eyeliner, and yes, it's paired with a slicked-back, wet-look bob. 

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Heidi Klum

Klum played up her insanely glossy hair with dewy skin, nude lips, and gold eyeshadow. 

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Hazy pink eyeshadow and a wavy half-up ponytail keep Lorde's tulle dress from feeling overly done.

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Jessica Sula

Sula framed her terracotta lips and eyeshadow with layers of ultra-voluminous curls.

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Demi Lovato

Lovato just resurrected the word "fierce" with long, cascading waves and smokey chocolate-brown eyes.

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Katy Perry

Perry's textured, choppy blonde bob is rivaled only by her kohl-lined eyes and five-foot-long lashes.

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