Backstage Runway Beauty Tips

The looks included hair that was “sophisticated but effortless…a style that’s perfectly undone,” said hairstylist Bethany Bell.

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Recently, I got some great hair and makeup tips from stylists at the socially-conscious Underground Runway show, led by 30 talented Parsons New School graduates raising awareness for The Lollipops Crown and Music Initiative that aids underprivileged Moroccan children and orphans. The looks included hair that was "sophisticated but effortless…a style that's perfectly undone," said hairstylist Bethany Bell. It was also important to be able to transition between the different designers. "I wanted a look that would go well with a T-shirt as much as it would with a cocktail dress."

Bell advises us on how to achieve the low chignon the models were sporting:

1) Start with a low, loose ponytail at the nape of the neck.

2) Tease the base of the ponytail to give a little volume and cushion to the chignon.

3) Then, wrap the ponytail around itself and secure the ends with bobby pins. You can pull a few pieces out and make it messier.

4) Secure the perimeter with bobby pins (the looser, the better). "Remember, we're going for that effortless 'I didn't do my hair' look," she says.

Makeup artist Katerina Drakos also gave me the low down on how she went about picking the gray shadows and barely-there lip gloss colors for the show.

"I saw the clothes and the unique funky styles inspired me to use a neutral palette on the eyes and pop of shine on the cheeks and lips." Her makeup line of choice is MAC, which she used at the show including the iridescent gray "Vex" she used on the models' lids.

"The makeup look we went for at the show a mix of current and upcoming trends," Drakos said. "If you look around, you still see your smoky eyes, thick liners, and soft lips as much as you see natural shadows, bolder cheek, and medium to bright lip."

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