Watch Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn Get Matching Tattoos

Friends that ink together, stay together.
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Fashion best friends Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are often photographed together at events, in editorials, and on their very own Instagrams—and now they're immortalized on film together. Dunn has occasionally hosted a cooking show, "Well Dunn," on Jay Z's lifestyle site, but in a recent episode, the Brit model had a more painful idea in mind. "That is too much love to handle," Cara says as she wraps her legs around Jourdan for a full-on hug at the opening of the video—in which the ultimate goal is to show the duo getting matching tattoos. The two stick spoons on their faces at a Thai restaurant, and then enjoy some treats like a betel leaf wrap and pretend that they've just bumped into each other. After some conversations about breasts, it's off to get inked. Cara says she's just had two done the night before, a bird on her finger and the "Breathe Deep" tattoo. She also shows off her "Made in England" ink on the bottom of her foot because she says, she was "feeling like a doll…I'm a Barbie, me."

Next up it's to a hotel with artist Bang Bang to get the letters "DD" on their hips, which Dunn says represents the double Ds in their surnames. The young supers appear to only be in some pain. "There [are] moments where it's fine," Dunn says, "and then when it, like, digs." Cara sings '90s hip hop and Aladdin ballads to keep her mind off the needle. It's all good fun with great English accents. Watch the full video below.

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