How to Tell Arya Stark's Fortune Using Two Set Photos

Hint: You guess.

A fortuneteller reading Arya Stark's palm/doing her cards in anticipation of season five would spout the same old mumbo jumbo: You'll embark on a long journey. You will meet a faceless man. You'll go through a radical change. Blah blah.

But while the Game of Thrones followers at Vanity Fair arrived at the abovementioned prophesy, their method of divination is unique: photos of the set, which show two Very Telling statues. Also considering Maisie Williams's suggestion viewers "might not recognize Arya this year," VF concluded that the character will—possible spoilers ahead—go to Braavos and join an elite society of assassins.

All other details will be revealed in due time—or with a quick stop at Wikipedia if you're really itching to know.

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