Why Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff Won't Get Married

It's political.

In a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Lena Dunham told the SiriusXM radio host that her longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff is her "life partner." Upon learning this, Stern asked if the couple was against getting married. Dunham explained that she's not opposed to getting hitched, but rather holding out for political reasons.

"We're not against marriage, but I wanna wait until it's something—my sister's gay and it just doesn't feel good to me to do something she can't do," Dunham explains. "She can do it in some places but not all places."

Considering only 19 states have legalized gay marriage, it might be a while before Dunham and Antonoff take a trip down the aisle. However, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage taught us anything, it's that waiting — even with the best of intentions — is easier said than done. Either way, we admire Dunham's impassioned stand in the battle for marriage equality.

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