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It's confirmed: The title of the next Bond film, due out November 7, will be

Quantum of Solace. For Daniel-Craig-as-Bond fanatics like us, this was the biggest news since Casino Royale came out on DVD last March. We immediately e-mailed the deets to our friend (we saw Casino together in the theater a wallet-draining three times), who expressed concerns over the title.

On first glance it does sound a little like Superman's Fortress of Solitude (with all the cheesy superhero implications that brings), but further research shows that "Quantum of Solace" is the title of an Ian Flemming — the creator of Bond — short story, and the term refers to the smallest unit of comfort or feeling a relationship can have and still exist (a term we are so stealing for our personal lives!).

Apparently, the film will pick up an hour after the action of Casino Royale left off, as Bond sets out to discover the truth about the death of love-of-his-life Vesper Lynd. Replied our friend upon hearing this clarification: "Okay, I take it all back, that's AWESOME. I'm so excited! I need it nowwww!"

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