What We're Bringing to J.Lo's Baby Shower

The Shopping List

Michael Caulfield
Lopez, 38, is reportedly having twins, and the diva who said her love don't cost a thing has registered for a $3495 baby stroller and plans to spend $120,000 on nurseries for her three estates, according to the New York Post. So what to get for the kids who will no doubt have everything?

Juicy Couture onesies that say "Cuter than Violet Affleck" on the bum

Baby monitors with HD picture and Bose six-speaker surround sound

High-cut diapers to show off inherited booties

Double-wide Cadillac Escalade stroller with hydraulics, platinum rims, iced-out handlebar, and specialty "Babies from the Block" license plates

Glo-scented tearless shampoo

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