What We're Bringing to J.Lo's Baby Shower

The Shopping List

Michael Caulfield
Lopez, 38, is reportedly having twins, and the diva who said her love don't cost a thing has registered for a $3495 baby stroller and plans to spend $120,000 on nurseries for her three estates, according to the New York Post. So what to get for the kids who will no doubt have everything?

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Juicy Couture onesies that say "Cuter than Violet Affleck" on the bum

Baby monitors with HD picture and Bose six-speaker surround sound

High-cut diapers to show off inherited booties

Double-wide Cadillac Escalade stroller with hydraulics, platinum rims, iced-out handlebar, and specialty "Babies from the Block" license plates

Glo-scented tearless shampoo

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