Miley Cyrus Frees Her Nipples; Instagram Promptly Deletes Them

#FreetheNipple rages on.

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Like 13th century Braveheart hero William Wallace leading the Scottish people into battle before them, Miley Cyrus's nipples want nothing more than freeeeedommmmm!!!!

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They were finally granted it (albeit, briefly) Saturday night when the ballsy pop star posted a NSFW, topless photo of herself with the caption, "Some lame ass deff gonna [flag] that but f--kkkkkkk it. #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #FreedatShit."

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Well, seems someone did flag the snap, because Instagram promptly removed it from the app. But not before we were able to get a screengrab. Whichever side of the #freethenipple debate you stand on, this definitely made an impression...

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