Kim Kardashian Reviews 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

She's already been to a private screening, and she has thoughts.
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Given her slightly awkward reading of a sexy scene from the book on an Australian radio show last year, you might have thought Kim Kardashian wasn't the biggest fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. (You know, other than as the concept for her new, Kanye-led 2015 wardrobe.) But alas, one of the many perks of the Kardashian lifestyle these days is private preview screenings, and so Kim got to see the movie last night. Damn her. Here's what Kim thought about it:

Oh, but Kim's "girls night" didn't include younger sis Kendall, who tweeted "and no invite!?!" back at Kim literally a minute later. Sorry, not sorry Kendall has to wait to see the the movie in theaters just like the rest of us humans.

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