Weirdest/Best Interview Ever: Bryce Dallas Howard Cries on Conan

Watch the 'Jurassic World' star turn on the waterworks.

As a non-actor, my idea of what makes someone a skilled actor has always been the ability to cry on command. I can pretend to be angry, I can feign elation, but no amount of sad thoughts or wishful thinking can move me to tears. So when Bryce Dallas Howard appeared on Conan this week and went from dry-eyed to full-on waterworks in a minute flat (count it!), I was *seriously* impressed. And get this, the topic of discussion was Home Depot.

If the ability to produce crocodile tears while talking about duct tape and piping isn't proof of a true thespian, I don't know what is. Watch the emotional hilarious clip below to stir all the feels.

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