Kim and Kanye's Unborn Son Already Has Better Jewelry Than You Do


Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's second child, henceforth referred to as Kanye Jr. because his name is still a mystery, is not due till December. Like all excited parents, Kimye are already prepping their son's wardrobe, because no brother of North West can be expected to settle for whatever off-brand blanket they wrap him in at the hospital. This extends to accessories too, as evidenced by a photo Kim shared on Twitter and Instagram of a baby-size chain posed next to a daddy-size one. Nice try with your Balmain baby jacket, North, but this unborn child is clearly ready to challenge your fashion game. 

The tiny necklace was a gift from Kim's friends the Ridingers, who also attended Kimye's wedding last year. Stay tuned for the inevitable video of Kanye Jr. wearing it in an Instagram video while this song plays in the background:

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