Justin Bieber Took a Very Special Christmas Selfie with Fashion Santa

A miracle happened at a mall this holiday.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Plus he's sexy AF, too—and he's friends with Justin Bieber! Well, sort of. They took a selfie together, which is kind of like a lifelong bond of undying friendship. 

As you will lovingly recall, Fashion Santa is the sexy Santa Claus at the Yorkdale mall who is helping the shopping center raise money for charity by having folks post their selfies with him. Fashion Santa is so popular, even celebrities are getting in on the game. Just look who popped by to see him last week. 

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*Screams like a Belieber getting a personal serenade from Justin.* This is so cool!  Yorkdale is located in Canada, so it looks like Justin could have been doing some shopping on his home turf and decided to jump in on the Santa selfie fun. Fashion Santa (aka model Paul Mason) has a pretty hot selfie game, too. 

I guess the possibility of running into Justin or Fashion Santa is a good enough reason to brave the madness of the mall crowds during the Holidays. 

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