Ellie Goulding Reveals What's "Quite Weird" About Her Love Life

Awkward alert. 

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It's one thing to dress like your boyfriend (couple dressing is kind of a *thing* now anyway), but to physically look like your boyfriend? Well, that may be just a little bit awkward. At least according to Ellie Goulding, who is currently dating McBusted bassist, Dougie Poynter.

"We dress kind of similar. Dougie's always like, 'We can't both wear this shirt!' But I like it," the "On My Mind" singer told Glamour, before revealing the annoying part of having a doppelgänger beau: "People always say we look like brother and sister."

With their matching perfectly tousled blonde tresses, it's no surprise that the couple is often thought of as sibs. Plus, their shared affinity for skinny-fit trousers, paralleled penchant for a chic trench, and clear talent for color coordination—all pictured below—certainly don't help. 

Twinning pants.
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Twinning coats.
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Twinning shades of nude.
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"Even our family members say [we look related]," Ellie admits of the pair's slight strong resemblance. "It's quite weird." 

Or even quite cute if you ask us. Excuse our use of #relationshipgoals here, but...


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