Justin Bieber Just Released a Brand New Song And It's Life-Changing

You have to hear this.

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We'll be honest, ever since Justin Bieber's latest album Purpose dropped into our lives, it's pretty much been the only thing we've listened to. Yes, we're still totally obsessed and we're not even a little bit sorry.

But Justin just released a brand new song online and unsurprisingly, it's fantastic. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US. The new track is called "I'll Be There" has been shared by Justin's Vevo account on YouTube and it seems like a deleted track that was meant for Purpose.

Did we mention it's really quite good?

The song has an R&B sound with a dance edge later in the track, along with some actual rapping. It also has the lyrics: "I'll be there for you/Even though I'm gone/Holding you close baby/Close to my heart."

Check it out:

Don't blame us if you find yourself listening to it on repeat. A lot.

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