Selena Gomez Threatens to Quit Instagram After Fans Create Drama Between Her and Justin Bieber

"My life isn't about my ex."

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Selena Gomez has said it a million times: She doesn't want to talk about Justin Bieber anymore! And she made that very clear when she went off on fans last night for twisting a fun Instagram she posted into a diss meant for Justin.

It all started when Selena posted a hilarious video of herself singing along to Lil' Wayne's song "Single" in the car. The lyrics start, "She hate it when I do that shit," to which Selena shouts, "I did!" in response. Then he raps, "And when I get home she goes through my shit," to which Selena jokingly responds, "I sure did!" Later in the video she shouts joyfully, "I'm single!"

Even though Selena was just singing along and responding to the lyrics, fans thought she was dissing her ex and started calling her out in the comments. In response, Selena went OFF. Like all-capital-letters OFF.

She even threatened to quit Instagram altogether.

It's definitely a bummer that Selena can't post anything on Instagram without constant speculation that it's tied to her ex. No wonder she feels like quitting social media sometimes.

As of now, her Instagram is still alive and well and, hopefully, it stays that way. Because Selena's Instagrams = life. 

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