Alessandra Ambrosio Is Every Woman Who Is Mesmerized by Their Manicure

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Yesterday, Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted running errands in Los Angeles—you know, as people do.

The model did a number of very normal human things, like feeding parking meters:

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And stopping at a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. You know, very normal things:

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Like most of us, she spent part of the manicure looking at her phone (unlike most of us, her manicurist spent part of the manicure looking at the paparazzi cameras that were documenting the whole thing):

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Alessandra also appeared mesmerized by the sooting strokes of the manicure. Any woman who cares deeply about her nail art has been there. Most of us just don't have paparazzi stalking us to capture it and broadcast it to the world.

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So far, Alessandra has not Instagrammed her manicure, but we would really, really like her to. For now, we'll have to settle for the insanely gorgeous California landscape she posted last night instead.

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California dreaming ... ✨🌄✨

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