Jenna Dewan Just Did Her Post-Breakup Instagram Purge of All Things Channing Tatum

I'll stop crying when I'm ready.

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The world is still recovering from the news that Step Up couple, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, are separating. After almost nine years together, it truly is the end of an era, especially as the pair always seemed totally smitten with one another.


But it appears that Dewan is ready to move on with her life. A deep dive of her Instagram account shows that there are very few references to, or photos of, her husband anywhere to be found.

The most recent post featuring Tatum was posted back in January, but was actually a throwback video to the couple's epic appearance on Lip Sync Battle:

Prior to that, the only photo in recent memory featuring Tatum is this Halloween snap, in which they're both unrecognizable:

Instead of couple photos, there are a lot of stunning shots of Dewan solo, or hanging out with her girlfriends, suggesting that she's been reclaiming her single identity for a while now:

And at the end of February, Dewan was enjoying some much needed "recuperation":

Many believed that Dewan had hinted at the split ahead of the couple's joint announcement, by sharing a cryptic, yet incredibly emotional, Rumi quote:

Right now, all of Tatum's photos of Dewan still appear to be on Instagram, including the now infamous face painting shot, in which Everly had done mom and dad's makeup.

But it seems that Dewan has completed her post-breakup Instagram purge, and that she's building a new life without Tatum already.

Amy Mackelden

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