Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Plan for Goop Apparel Line

AKA Gwyneth takes one step closer to complete world domination.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, your #goals in human form, has just announced the date that the final step in her plan to take over the world will go into effect. According to Racked, Paltrow announced at an event last night, "I've been working on apparel—apparel is next. In September, we're going to launch apparel, and it's very exciting."  

The clothing line―which we hope will consist of GP staples like boyfriend jeans, striped tops, and cozy knits (unless she follows in BFF Beyoncé's footsteps and goes the full athleisure route) will be the latest addition to the goop empire, which already includes beauty, food, and lifestyle advice, in the form of a newsletter.

"We're very, very hard at work at goop," Gwyneth said of  her apparel plans to come. "We are doing a lot. As my CEO always [asks] me, 'Please, can we stop doing so much?'"

Which, no. We need Paltrow to continue living her best life so that we have a standard to strive towards. 

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