Blake Lively Is Reportedly Pregnant with Baby No. 2

*Anxiously stares at Blake's Instagram for the perfect announcement pic*

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Get ready for more maternity style perfection: Blake Lively is (reportedly) pregnant again.

People reports that the star and her husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second child, and the outlet claims that the actress was recently covering an alleged baby bump while on the set of a new film. Lively hasn't confirmed the pregnancy and, if it's true, likely won't for awhile. She's notoriously quiet about her private life. With Baby James, she announced her pregnancy with this gorgeous bump pic taken by her brother, which was posted on her now-defunct site Preserve. She never officially announced the birth of James, Ryan just posted some adorable baby pics to prove she exists.

Okay Blake and Ryan, we're watching those Instas. 

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Kate Storey

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