Netflix Accidentally Put Aziz Ansari Subtitles on a Nature Documentary and It's Truly a Work of Art

"Let me buy you a drink." "No, I'm fine."

(Image credit: NBC)

In a snafu that feels straight out of Parks and Recreation, Netflix accidentally added Aziz Ansari standup subtitles to BBC's Planet Earth—and, understandably, the internet quickly lost its collective mind.

According to Mashable, Reddit user benmeiri84 first posted about the mix-up after a friend's Planet Earth stream started to be less about nature and animals and more about Brooklyn and clubbing. Needless to say, it didn't take the internet long to jump on the glitch.

The subtitles themselves were from Ansari's wildly popular standup special, Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden. And while the glitch appears to have been fixed (sadly), the beautiful moment lives on forever in the form of screencaps on Twitter. Long live the internet.

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Can we officially petition for Aziz Ansari to do nature commentary for real? More wolves talking about hitting the clubs, please.

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