Blue Ivy Carter Is More Fashionable Than All of Us


MC Blue Ivy
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Blue Ivy Carter is only four years old and she's already giving us major fashion envy. This week, Blue Ivy's famous mom (you know, Beyoncé), shared some new family photos on her website (opens in new tab), and now we're finding ourselves more than a little jealous of a toddler's wardrobe.

According to E! Online (opens in new tab), the photos are from a family day out in New York City back in May. According to our eyeballs, Blue Ivy is the best dressed person in every picture—which is really saying something considering who else is in these pictures.

Beyoncé looked amazing, of course, in a creamy white tank top, bright, lemonade yellow pants, and a rimmed hat that we mere mortals only dream of pulling off.

But as great as Bey looked, we're loving Blue Ivy's ensemble even more. Yes, the dress gives us major fairy princess vibes, but the headband is beyond amazing, no matter how old you are.

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We always knew Blue Ivy was destined to be a fashion icon—we just expected her to finish kindergarten first.

Kayleigh Roberts
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