Your February Entertainment Diet

The Culture Pyramid

GUILTY PLEASURES (partake sparingly)

The Oscars (ABC, February 22). Our money's on Space Chimps.

Boozy, catchy pop from Lily Allen on her new finger-pointing CD, It's Not Me, It's You.

SAVORY SNACKS (2 - 3 servings)

Dollhouse. Nope, not another HBO brothel series. Cult fave Eliza Dushku is an ass-kicking amnesiac fembot in Joss Whedon's buzzy new sci-fi series on Fox.

Load up on cappuccino and biscotti before getting lost in the super froth of Adriana Trigiani's romance- soaked novel, Very Valentine.

Marvel at Josh Brolin's rootin' tootin' George W. Bush; wince at Thandie Newton's eerie Condi in W., now on DVD.

NOURISHMENT (3 - 5 servings)

Baltimore's genre-bending indie band Animal Collective launches their new trippy CD, Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Jemaine and Bret seek girls, gigs, and tacky jerseys when Flight of the Conchords returns to HBO.

Eye-candy toughie Clive Owen and nonpregnant Naomi Watts get topical in The International, a thriller about a corrupt banking system.

SUSTENANCE (6 - 11 servings)

Cancel the weekend and go into lockdown with Security, a twisty novel by Stephen Amidon.

Get out the Boca burgers: Morrissey, the world's moodiest veggie, serves up sulky rock on Years of Refusal.

Indie flick Medicine for Melancholy. The morning after a random hookup never looked so good.

Road trip to Vegas equals cliché-fest, right? Wrong. Rent The Lucky Ones, now on DVD, and see what we mean.

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