Princess Diana Forgot Her Wedding Anniversary With Prince Charles, According to Unearthed Letters

Princess Diana revealed in letters to British Vogue editor Elizabeth Tilberis that she forgot her wedding anniversary to Prince Charles.

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Years after Princess Diana's death, we continue to learn more and more about the beloved royal. A set of six, handwritten letters Diana sent to British Vogue editor Elizabeth Tilberis between 1989 and 1992 reveal not just how much Diana valued the British Vogue team (spoiler: a lot), but personal details about the People's Princess as well—including the time she literally forgot the date of her own wedding anniversary.

The problem? July 30 was not Charles and Diana's wedding anniversary—July 29 was.

Diana also gushed to Tilberis about her experiences with British Vogue, writing on January 23, 1992:


"The correspondence sheds light on the growing warmth and friendship between the two as they collaborate on various Vogue shoots, detailing how much Diana clearly valued time spent with Tilberis and others," A spokesman for the auctioneers said, according to Express.


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