Um, Did You Know Julianne Hough Was in 'Harry Potter?'

This is mind-blowing.

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Julianne Hough is an American dancer-turned-movie star, so it might surprise you to learn she was in a Harry Potter movie.

Julianne lived in London from the age of 11 to 15 to study dance. In that time, she was apparently able to bypass J.K. Rowling's pretty strict rule about the movie only starring actors from the U.K. to be an extra in the first movie!

The Dancing With The Stars judge shared some pictures of her appearance in the movie on Instagram to celebrate Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone's 20-year anniversary.

"Happy 20th Anniversary Harry Potter!" Julianne wrote under a screenshot of herself cheering at a quidditch game and another of herself eating with the Weasleys in the Great Hall. "Remember that one time when I was 11 and a Gryffindor? Oh and apparently liked flirting with the Weasley twins?"

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Can you believe you never noticed this?!

Speaking of having your mind blown by Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling recently revealed that there were in fact TWO Harry Potters!

In one of Rowling's latest posts on Pottermore, the author decided to delve deep into Harry's family tree.Apparently, the Potter line started with an eccentric wizard named Linfred of Stinchcombe who originated Skele-gro, the very potion that fixed Harry's arm in Chamber Of Secrets.

The most fascinating tidbit from the Potter history: The Harry Potter we know and love today wasn't the first Harry Potter. Harry's great-grandfather was named Henry Potter, but to his close friends, he was Harry.

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