See Daenerys Targaryen and Melisandre Finally Meet

A new Game of Thrones trailer was released at Comic-Con.

It looks like that theory about Melisandre's next move is true. Thanks to a new Game of Thrones trailer released today at Comic Con, we get a taste of her surprising meeting with Daenerys Targaryen.

In the final moments of the preview, we see the dimly-lit throne room in Dragonstone. Daenerys and her crew—what looks like Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm, and possibly Lord Varys (but more on that later)—meet with a woman, who we find out is the red priestess.

"I believe you have a role to play..." Melisandre says to Dany, who meets her with a look of surprise.

"As does another," she finishes.

Who is this other person she's talking about? And what could she be doing there in Dragonstone? While you ponder on those questions, let's take a look at else happens in this loaded new trailer.

The clip starts off with a powerful line from Daenerys: "I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And I will." As she narrates, a series of images appear on the screen: a group of people arriving at an undisclosed shore...

One of Dany's dragons soaring beside a castle...

And Khaleesi herself looking over her fleet from her perch in Dragonstone.

Then the scene changes to King's Landing. "The Mad King's daughter is going to destroy the realm," Cersei tells a group of her subjects. One of them appears to be Randyll Tarly (Sam's horrible father) and his son Dickon (if he looks different, it's because he was played by another actor in Season 6). Tarly is a bannerman for House Tyrell, however, and considering the Tyrells' tensions with the Lannisters, it's unclear why he's meeting with the Queen.

"We must stand together if we hope to stop her," Cersei adds, as hordes of Lannister soldiers grace the screen.

Then, over at Winterfell...

We hear Jon Snow saying: "We can't defeat the Night King's army on our own. Daenerys has Dragonfire."

So this means he knows about Dany's dragons, and perhaps the fact that she's landed in Westeros. One might assume he wants to initiate an alliance with her and her army in order to defeat the White Walkers.

But Yohn Royce shuts him down: "A Targaryen cannot be trusted.

Then a wise Ser Davos appears. "If we don't bound together, we will die," he says.

We see Sansa upset, almost as if she has tears in her eyes.

Daenerys, sitting on her throne in Dragonstone, appears.

Followed by a sassy-looking Cersei.

Then, a quick flash to Lady Lyanna Mormont. "Winter is here, your grace," she tells Jon Snow.

Someone sharpens a knife.

A speedy montage of action shots follows, but then we're taken back to King's Landing, with a scene of Euron Greyjoy arriving by horseback. The crowd is cheering him on. Has he brought his gift back for Cersei? What (or who) is it?

"Everyone is your enemy," Littlefinger says in the background, followed by a flash to a Cersei and Jaime makeout sesh.

"Everyone is your friend," he continues. Meanwhile, Greyjoy ships sail in the night. Are they Euron's or Yara's and Theon's?

Melisandre looks over the cliffs, presumably in Dragonstone. We've seen this shot in previous trailers, but this iteration has a surprising twist: Lord Varys emerges from behind her.

Missandei and Grey Worm get it on.

Theon and Yara, who appear to be on a ship, look up at something in awe.

Arya turns around in the woods.

One character is quickly seen wielding a sword. It looks like it could be Ellaria Sand, but it's too blurry to tell. Considering her past kills, we wouldn't be surprised if she murdered someone again this season. But who?

"Every possible series of events is happening, all at once," Littlefinger continues. This time we realize he's talking to Sansa Stark.

Then the montage starts speeding up. We see someone fall off of a wall during a battle scene.

A quick shot of one of the dragons flying by a cliff.

Jaime rides on his horse while surrounded by soldiers.

Euron bows, supposedly to Cersei since he's in the throne room of King's Landing. What is he celebrating, though? Has he finally returned that gift? Has Cersei accepted his hand in marriage?

It's too dark to tell, but is this Jorah Mormont? We saw a glimpse of his arm covered in greyscale in the premiere. This could be the dark room he's being quarantined in.

And finally, two armies charge at each other at the onset of a battle. The left side seems to be Lannister soldiers (note the sigil on the banner), while the right appears to be the Unsullied. It looks like we're getting a Cersei vs. Daenerys showdown.

Then, in the final moments, we get the Dany-Melisandre moment we discussed at the start. The trailer, though hardly a minute long, is a lot to digest. Just when you thought you knew how the season was going to go from all the posters, photos, and previews already released, it seems like there are a lot more surprises in store.

The next episode of Game of Thrones arrives on Sunday, July 23 on HBO.

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