Blake Lively Drags Ryan Reynolds for Having "No Chill" on His Instagram Story

Ryan spammed his Instagram followers and Blake called him out on it.

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  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a reputation for playfully trolling each other on social media.
  • On Wednesday, Blake continued the trolling tradition by poking fun at a series of posts Ryan shared to his Instagram Story about his Aviation Gin brand.
  • Blake joked that her husband has "no chill" in light of the posts.

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' relationship is built on a solid foundation of equal parts endless love and ruthless trolling. Today, Blake gifted the Internet with the latest example of the latter.

    Ryan opened himself up to the teasing when he shared a series of posts (both on his Instagram Story and on his grid) about a new accolade awarded to his gin brand, Aviation Gin. The honor came courtesy of the drink experts at VinePair, who shared an infographic ranking the best celebrity spirits, which included Aviation Gin in the top spot.

    "On the day of @therock’s much anticipated Teremana Tequila launch, I’d like to congratulate myself for winning @vinepair’s best tasting celebrity alcohol brand. See ya next year, DJ... Love, @aviationgin #Flex," Ryan wrote in a post along with the infographic.

    That alone would (probably) not have prompted Blake to troll. But, Ryan then followed that post up with a series of nearly-identical posts to his Instagram Story, prompting his wife to screenshot said posts and deface them with troll-y comments.

    See for yourself:

    "My husband has no chill," she wrote in her first Story.


    Then, she shared a screenshot of Ryan's second Story post about the ranking—and pointed out that it had been shared very shortly after the first: "…Literally 37 mins later."


    Finally, Blake shared a screenshot from the official Aviation Gin Instagram's Story, promoting the same ranking. "…In case you missed it?" she wrote.


    Well played, as usual, Blake.

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