Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Dogs Have Reportedly Already Moved to Canada

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's dogs might be the biggest clue about their plans. The fact that the pups are already in Canada suggests the Sussexes have already moved out of their UK home.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Canada House
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  • Earlier this week, royal fans were shocked by news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family.
  • The couple announced that they will no longer be full-time working royals and will work to become financially independent as they split their time between the UK and North America.
  • Royal sleuths say the surprise move was foreshadowed by the couple's decision to bring their dogs with them on their Canadian holiday. The fact that the dogs are still in Canada is also seen as a clue that the Sussex family have already moved out of their home in Windsor.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped a bombshell this week when they announced their decision to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family. Not only did the pair decide to call it quits on the working royal life, they also announced plans to leave the United Kingdom—at least part-time.

In the statement they released announcing the changes, Harry and Meghan revealed that they plan to split their time between the UK and North America going forward.

Some eagle-eyed royal watchers weren't as surprised as the rest of us by Harry and Meghan's announcement though. Apparently, there was a pretty big clue during the Sussex family's holiday trip to Canada that they planned for the move to be at least semi-permanent: The couple brought their dogs along with them.

International travel with pets is no small feat, even for royalty. A source told the Daily Mail that Meghan wouldn't have put her rescue beagle, Guy, through the stress of the travel if the move weren't going to last for a while.

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Meghan and Guy, before her royal days.

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"Both the duke and duchess adore their dogs and Guy has already been relocated from Canada to London once when Meghan moved over," the source told the Daily Mail. "She wouldn't have considered a move again for him if it wasn't going to be at least semi-permanent."

When Harry and Meghan initially returned to the UK to make their announcement, the dogs stayed behind with their son, Archie Harrison. The royal insiders who spoke to the newspaper said that this "was the biggest clue, in hindsight, that they were unlikely to come back from this so-called holiday."

It's also a big clue that Meghan and Archie don't plan to return to the UK any time soon. The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly back in Vancouver with her son, while Harry is in the UK, completing a packed week of appointments before he can head back to rejoin his family.

On Thursday, the Mail reports, a black lab was seen roaming the grounds of the luxury, £10.7million property on Vancouver Island where the royal family spent their holidays—a sure sign, according to locals, that the Sussexes are staying on the property for now at least.

"There was never a dog on the property and at least one dog is still there. My husband also heard some British accents around the property yesterday," Trudy Bennett, 76, who lives near the Canadian home, told the Mail on Thursday night.

Sounds like Meghan, Archie, and the Sussex pups are planning to stay in Canada for a while.

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