Blake Lively Calls the Response to Her 'Rhythm Section' Transformation "Very Offensive"

Blake Lively called the response to her Rhythm Section makeup transformation "very offensive"—check out the video here.

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  • Blake Lively said that people think her "rough" look in new film The Rhythm Section is what she actually looks like without makeup.
  • Lively told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show: "I find it very offensive, because that takes an hour for her to make me look like that."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am obsessed with everything about Blake Lively's new movie The Rhythm Section. Not only does it look wild, but Lively looks completely different. That said, according to Lively, she didn't love when fans mistook an Instagram she posted of her movie makeup look for an example of what she actually looks like makeup-free.

"[The makeup artist] did this really rough look, because my family has experienced a lot of tragedy, and, anyway, so she did this really rough look at the beginning, and then this is once I sort of clean up. But when I posted it, people were saying 'wow, Blake bravely shows what she looks like before and after makeup,'" the actress told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. "Some people think that's what I look like without makeup, which I find very offensive because that takes an hour for her to make me look like that."

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"This also takes an hour to make me look this good," she said. "I'm sort of vacillating between my vanity, which is like wanting to be like, 'I don't actually look like that!' And then also being a feminist and being like, 'why do we expect women to wake up looking like this? This isn't realistic that you wake up this beautiful!' But like, I would like people to believe that I wake up looking this beautiful."

Watch the full clip:

And here's the trailer for The Rhythm Section.

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