Chrissy Teigen Trolls a Fan by Joking That She and John Legend Are Breaking Up After Quarantining

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    • The fan commented on a PopSugar Instagram post featuring a photo of Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, that the fan briefly worried was announcing news that the couple had split.
      • Chrissy replied that she and John were "def breaking up" once they were able to leave the house after quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic.

        Even fans aren't safe from Chrissy Teigen's truly expert-level trolling. This week, the model (and host and best-selling cookbook author and mother of two) jokingly ruined a fan's life in a single Instagram comment.

        Here's the backstory: This tale of topnotch trollery begins with an innocuous Instagram post from PopSugar. The post in question featured a picture of Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, with the caption, "Can't believe we're typing this, but John Legend covered Selena Gomez at a stuffed animal wedding! 😂 Tap the 🔗 in bio to watch him sing at the "ceremony" RN! 💍🎶."

        A fan who goes by Sierra Margaret initially misunderstood the post and jumped into the comments to share her short-lived (thankfully unnecessary) panic. "I THOUGHT THEY WERE BREAKING UP," she wrote. "MY HEART LEPT OUT MY CHEST. I CANNOT HANDLE THAT ANXIETY RIGHT NOW."

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        Chrissy, never one to miss a beat (or a chance for some playful, all-in-good-fun trolling), replied personally to Sierra's panicked, all-caps comment, joking, "@sierramargaret Oh we are also def breaking up after we can leave the house."

        Thankfully, the post was really just about the adorable stuffed animal wedding the power couple threw for their daughter, Luna's, stuffed animals. But, for the record, we would have the EXACT same reaction as Sierra if Chrissy and John ever broke up. But with actual sobbing and ALL THE WINE.

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