Why Did Harry Styles's Grammy Speech Get Bleeped? An Investigation

Here are all the theories about what he said.

People of the world! I have incredible news. Harry Styles is officially a Grammy Award winner. (No, he'd never won with One Direction or for his eponymous first album.) But the thing we need to talk right now about is that while accepting his award for Best Pop Solo performance, Harry's speech was bleeped, and it's kind of unclear as to why.

Let's do a little digging and see what we can find, shall we? As with any good investigation, we are going to look to Twitter first.

Here are some of the current theories. The biggest thing is that people think he was talking about his fellow nominees, and saying nice things about the songs.

@ProbablyJudith thinks he said "All of those are f*cking good songs" and that was why it was bleeped.

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@HayleyBowBeauty is convinced he said "All these songs were fucking massive," which is kinda the same... but also not.

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Here's another suggestion, from @BexLewis361: "All of these songs are fucking massive so thank you so much.”

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Unfortunately, it's really hard to read his lips in the clip, so I guess someone will just have to bite the bullet and text him to ask what he said that was so scandalous.

At least people have a great sense of humor:

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Oh, and as a side note, Harry's ex Taylor Swift was nominated in the same category, and she clapped really sweetly when he won. I love this for us.

Emma Baty

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