Jennifer Lawrence Is Expecting a Baby With Husband Cooke Maroney

Aw, congratulations to the happy couple!

Jennifer Lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant! A rep for the actress confirmed to People that she and her husband Cooke Maroney are expecting their first child together, but didn't share any additional details. This is such lovely news, especially since celebrity pregnancies are so rare these days. Seriously, nobody is having children. Not even Olivia Munn. And Kylie Jenner? Forget it.

Jokes aside, I'm super happy for Lawrence and Maroney, and glad that despite her fame and his cachet (he's a high-profile art dealer), they're still able to keep the control over their private life that they're absolutely entitled to.

Same went for their dating days, engagement and wedding. The two reportedly first started dating in June 2018, but by January 2019 had still not confirmed their relationship. In February of that year, news broke that they were engaged, and September saw rumors that they were already married emerge—though these were later disproved. The couple exchanged vows for real in October 2019.

To this day, there are still only a handful of photos of the two of them together. Here's one from May 2021 that's not really giving me much to work with:

Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney

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Lawrence and Maroney also have yet to become red-carpet official—though producing a whole human child together *probably* trumps that in terms of relationship milestones. Lawrence took a break from acting in 2018 to help engage young people in politics, but returned in 2020 for a Netflix project, as well as several other movies that are currently in various stages of production.

Despite being careful to keep a level of privacy, Lawrence did open up about married life on a podcast in 2020. "I'm married, and I still have slumber parties, like, once a week," she said, making her marriage sound like the best one that ever existed.

She then addressed some of their hobbies. "Cooke and I tried to play tennis the other day, but I have a temper problem," she said. "We had the court for an hour ... We made it 15 minutes, I missed a ball, and I turned around and I chucked the racket as far as I could after screaming so many profanities in front of so many children." So she's going to be the fun mom, then. Got it.

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Jennifer Lawrence wearing a wedding style dress on the red carpet.

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