MC Cheatsheet: A Look at Lindsay Lohan's Double Exposure

Jessica: "Lindsay Lohan certainly was interesting on last night's episode of Double Exposure (plus get to know the people who enable her!)." Jezebel

Sophia: "M.I.A: Cutest mom ever?" PopSugar

Lauren: "For the overkill file, Elizabeth Edwards's latest attempt at reputation rehab." Double X

Katie: "The life cycle of a trucker hat." FlavorWire

Anna: "The news earlier this week that Steve Carell will leave The Office after next season left us in a panic at the thought of Michael Scott withdrawal. But the idea that Mindy Kaling's Kelly Kapoor could be the one to take over as regional manager? Well, that's got us ready to sing karaoke and dance our hearts out." Newsweek

Erin: "Thanks to Topshop's fall collection, I already have my next winter coat picked out. (Yeah yeah, I know it's June.)" Refinery 29

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