How to Be the Next Kate Middleton

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There's little doubt that this month's royal wedding will spawn an outbreak of princess fever. And Jerramy Fine, 33, a self-confessed royalty addict from Colorado, will be ready. Fine, now based in the U.K., is running a series of luxury camps this summer for American girls who want to learn the art of being a true-blue British royal.

Set in London's ritzy Kensington neighborhood — Princess Diana's old stomping grounds — the weeklong course, called "Princess Prep," costs $3,995 and is open to girls ages 8 to 11, covering topics such as royal etiquette, fashion, philanthropy, and equestrian skills.

Fine, who has been obsessed with English "palaces and pageantry" since the age of 3 herself, stresses that princess-hood isn't only about tea parties and tiaras, but kindness and compassion, too. Still, she admits that when it comes to snagging a genuine prince, a bit of insider knowledge can't hurt. To that end, she is considering a camp for adult princesses next.

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