Darling Ally: Suffering From Older Sister Syndrome?

Meet Ally, Marie Claire's guest relationship blogger. She's no expert (though she's had enough experience to be one), but she tells it like it is.

Have you ever had to follow in the shadows of your completely perfect sister? Welcome to my life. Meet my sister Daisy: She's younger than I am … and getting married.

Why is it a problem that my sister has found The One? Because I haven't yet. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for Daisy, but I've been around three years longer that she has. And I stand by my belief that it should be my finger that has the rock on it first. (Yes, I realize this may sound selfish.)

I'm not quite sure how this happened. I've never really had a problem meeting guys and I've always had boyfriends, but I guess while I was still perusing the menu, she'd already ordered her entrée. Meanwhile, I'll be lucky if I can find a date for the wedding. (Do recycled ones count? Sigh.)

Daisy's too young to get married, anyway. She's not even 30. Don't you think women should wait until they're 30 before they tie themselves to one guy forever? I think having one or two more flings before saying "I do" to Eddie might not be such a bad idea. Sorry, Eddie, but it's true. Now I don't think she should go out and cheat on him or anything but, hypothetically speaking, if she put an "Oops, what was I thinking?!" or two in her back pocket, she might be better off in the long run. Right?

The worst part about this whole wedding is I'm the (old) maid of honor. I'm happy that Daisy asked me, but this is a little embarrassing. I know my family will be sitting and watching Daisy's big sister standing next to her and thinking, "Shouldn't she have already settled down with a few kids by now?" Meanwhile all I'll be thinking is that I'm way to hip-y in the bridesmaid dress and that I can't get this pink ruffle out of my face. Now that I think about it, maybe it's not the best time to grow out my bangs. (Yeah, that happened.)

And then there's Mom.

Here's how that is going to go: "Yes, mom, I know I should have worn my hair down." "Yes, I did in fact wear too much makeup" (Though, is it a crime to draw your eye away from the wrinkles between my brows and hairline?) "And, yes, I know I can't transform my body into an entirely different shape to fill out this fabulous bridesmaid dress you picked out." I love her, but she sure knows how to push ever last one of my buttons! You might think she was the one getting married with the way she's acting.

Aside from all that, I'm most nervous about how she'll take the news that I broke up with Rick. She's going to freak.

Dealing with your own sister situation or mom meltdown? Or do you have another love-life question? Ask Ally. She's no pro, but she'll give you her brutally honest opinion. And what girl doesn't want that now and then?

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