Just 19 Insanely Luxurious Behind-the-Scenes Pictures from 'The Crown'

We want everything in Claire Foy's wardrobe.

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The Crown is returning for Season 2 and maybe the only thing more luxurious than the show itself are the behind-the-scenes pictures that show the opulence of the show next to the drab reality of the real world. Here are 19 pictures from behind-the-scenes of the show that will captivate you.

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Victoria Hamilton, who plays the Queen Mother, getting the final touches put on her decadent gown.

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Claire Foy getting touched up before filming a scene as Queen Elizabeth II. Can't decide what's more eye-catching, her gorgeous pink dress, her perfect pearls, or the beautiful set behind her.

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Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip, chatting with director Philip Martin and looking beyond debonair doing so.

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Racks and racks of clothes that will, devastatingly, never live in our closets.

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Director Philip Martin and Matt Smith filming on location in South Africa, because The Crown is committed to accuracy.

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Director Philip Martin and Matt Smith chat on the deck of Britannia, making us all jealous of people who travel by boat.

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Philip Martin and Matt Smith discussing Philip's Christmas speech. That outfit on Matt Smith though.

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Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret) ready to shoot a scene in a beautiful ballroom, wearing even more beautiful ballgowns.

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The makeup team doing final checks on Vanessa Kirby, who already looks like a princess, TBH.

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Matt Smith, Claire Foy, and Lyla Barret-Rye arriving for their scene at Balmoral and looking like actual royals, caught on camera by the paparazzi.

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Claire Foy preparing for a scene and looking absolutely regal.

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Claire Foy and Matt Smith reading over a script in full costume, with Matt in military uniform and Claire looking like a literal queen.

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Where did The Crown film this and can we move there?

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A lot of important TV-making work is clearly going on in this picture, but we can't focus on anything but the luxurious carpet and over-the-top floral display.

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Moving in. Moving into this incredible room right now and never leaving.

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Stephen Daldry discussing a scene with Anton Lesser (Macmillan) and Claire Foy, sprawling on this gorgeous carpeted floor like it's no big deal.

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Matt Smith and Claire Foy filming with director Stephen Daldry at Belvoir Castle (Windsor Castle). Yes, that Windsor Castle.

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Writer/Creator Peter Morgan with Matt Smith and Claire Foy posing like a happy family in the best clothes ever.

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We. Have. No. Words.

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