Meghan Markle's 9 Sexiest On-Screen Moments

Like the time with the oral sex.

Meghan Markle
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Soon, Meghan Markle will be HRH status—but before she was having tea with the Queen and frolicking gleefully with a bunch of corgis, she was an actress. Meghan Markle's resume is full of bit parts in random TV shows, Hallmark movies, and—of course—a leading role in Suits. And because sex is normal and showing it on screen is also normal, she inevitably had to do several love scenes. Which brings us to the steamiest, sexiest, and most "how has the Queen not deleted this from the internet"-inspiring moments from Meghan Markle's career.

When She and Patrick J. Adams Made Out

These file cabinets will forever go down in history as the place where Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams exchanged a quick accidental kiss that turned into a quick non-accidental makeout session. Not the steamiest of scenes, but still sweet nonetheless.

When the Kiss Was So Good It Inspired Deep Breathing

Title of my memoir: I Just Watched This Scene Five Times in a Row and I will Never Be the Same.

When She Defined Steamy Romance

Please watch this clip to the tune of "Kiss the Girl" by Sebastian the Crab playing on a loop in your brain.

When She' Was Naked in Bed with Her On-Screen Boyfriend

Start video at 3:16.

This moment is probably Meghan's most revealing, and features her lying in bed post-sex with Patrick J. Adams' character Mike, who spends his time running his hand up and down her thigh. 😱 .

When She Had an Epic Slow-Motion Lip-Lock

Start video at 4:30.

Someone please digitally sub in Prince Harry, thanks.

When She Actually Did a Full Blown Sex Scene

Start video at :38.

Someone else please cover the Queen's eyes for this, thanks.

When She Dressed in "Sexy Maid Cosplay" 

Bachelorette-party inspo.

When She...Ahem...Acted Out Oral Sex 

But honestly you can't see anything so please try not to panic, Kensington Palace PR team.

When She Took off a Guy's Pants

Start video at :57.

"This implied blow job is a lot for us right now, please respect our privacy at this time." — the Queen's corgis, probably.

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