Watch Dolce & Gabbana Models Hit On You... On Helium

Ladies, we give you your hump day treat.

A Dolce & Gabbana model may hit on us in any such way their heart desires — even if it means us having to stomach a hideous pick-up line in a startling falsetto tone (chisled abs and cutting cheekbones make us quite accomodating).

We can confirm this now that the Italian fashion brand has asked its tall, dark, and handsome faces to do whisper sweet nothings after a nice swig of helium. Ladies, we give you your hump day treat. And as for mere mortal men, if ever tell us you wanna live in our socks, consider yourself slapped.

Lauren is the former beauty editor at Marie Claire. She love to while away the hours at coffee shops, hunt for vintage clothes, and bask in the rough-and-tumble beauty of NYC. She firmly believes that solitude can be a luxury if you’ve got the right soundtrack—that being the Rolling Stones, of course.